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This is just one of many combinations. 

The price of $2,600 is for both a photographer and videographer.  **** You get a (1) edited video,about 40 minute,   (2) all edited  files  on Blue-Ray or DVD.(3) Album.   (4) your  choice of either a engagement video or engagement photo.  (5) A few days after the wedding an On-line photos of the wedding  for viewing or purchase for family and friends. Video editing  takes more time.

 "please note"  We feel   there should not be a  limit on time,  venues or photos taken. (it is your day)

**We have over 45 years of experience and work well as a team. With the two of us shooting your event there is not much we miss. We like to think of ourselves as creative'  .Web-site

**An engagement video makes for a wonderful segue into your video.

**We do not include any testimonies because they are mostly made up and can not be authenticated.   I have a heap of credentials and  include  them in  a Resume. You can check them out if you wish. 

My studio is easy to get to.  Just of RT 76 with plenty of parking.  Your welcome to bring family or friends.   E-mail  or phone 215-483-4342   Come in for a relaxed  chat.  

Web-site with additional information

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