(Q)- Do you ever shoot for free?

(A)-I would if the couple take me on a honeymoon to such places as Bali,Europe or Africa and 

     pay all expenses. So far no takers. Rats!

(Q)-How would you describe yourself?

(A)-I am an artist at heart and love traveling. As you see in my resume I go into refugee camps 

      Africa. But the challenges of filming an event has a great deal of advantages, like not         

      having guns pointed at me

(Q)-What is your biggest mistake you made at a wedding?

(A)-There were two weddings at the same venue and I had three camera set up at the wrong 

       one.  As I found out at the very last minute caring all my equipment tripod legs

      dangling every which way and sweating bullets  and telling the crowd I had the wring  

      wedding. I heard them laughing on my way out.  Lucky my people were 30 minutes late.

(Q)-What do you hate most about doing wedding?

(A)-It there are more then one in-laws with O.C.D.

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