Bar/Bat Mitzvahs information

In  one package you get a  photographer plus one videographer for $2,800.  It   includes one video on DVD or Blue-RAy about 40 minutes plus  one photo  album.  We work well as a team and do not miss much.  We like to think of ourselves as creative and have a heap of experience as well  Actually 45 + years. There is no time limit .  We are there till the end.  Our style is not intrusive.  

I like to go into the home before the event and film the person/persons getting ready.  I prefer  doing an in studio interview and include that in the video. A great segue.  Also included in the price. 

Here are a few thing you may want to consider.

* I have a huge printer and can print a full size portrait no larger then a 30"X 72"

* For the same price you may want two photographers or two videographers. 

You will not see any testimonials mainly because I think they are mostly made up and can not be authenticated. If I bring my wife a dozen roses she will write up a great one. I think?? Instead I included my resumé.  (top of page) Your welcome to all the checking you like. 

My studio is easy to get to and plenty of parking.  You're welcome to bring family or friends in for a chat.   Most do not make decisions till they talk to other event photographers so there is no pressure.  Not our style anyways. Give me a call 215-483-4342 or contact me by email(top of page)  Hope I did not miss anything. 

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